Kid Race kids athletes make the party on the edge of Vila Velha Street Run

Kid Race kids athletes make the party on the edge of Vila Velha Street Run

About 1,800 small runners showed that they have athletics in their blood at the 18th Garotada Race, which took place this Saturday morning (28th), at Itaparica Beach, in Vila Velha. The race was disputed by children and teenagers from 6 to 17 years old.

There were smiles left by the child athletes, applause from the family and the public and also a lot of emotion in the drums. To liven up the event even more, the sun decided to give the air of grace, making the atmosphere of the race even more contagious.

Second placed in the 400 meters race (category 8 and 9 years old), Cecília, 8 years old, was happy with her bike and the pair of shoes she won in the dispute. It was the second time that I participated in Garotada. Last year, I was in 5th place. I really like running on the playground and I still do swimming and tennis, said the little girl, accompanied by her parents, Leandro and Aline, who like to run on weekends.

Who also had smiles from ear to ear were the twins Enzo and Cauã, 10 years old. They ran 800 meters and were greeted with a hug from their father, Rodolfo. They have been running since I was 3 years old. For the brothers, the race is in the blood, but each at its own pace. Each runs at a pace. Today we arrived almost together. It is the third time that we participated in the race, said Enzo.

Anxious to compete for the Ten Miles for the first time this Sunday (29th), Vivi Ferrari took her children, João Orlando, 12 years old, and Kauã, 10 years old, to debut in Garotada. And the pair enjoyed the 800 meters dispute. Was pretty cool. We started to run encouraged by our mother. It was an incentive at home, said João.

Maria Júlia, 9, ran the 400 meters and did Garotada for the second time. When asked what she liked best, she was adamant: I really liked the medal. It is also cool to make new friends. The mother, Monica, said that she practices physical activity and, together with her husband, encourages her daughter to do sports.

The top three in each category (both male and female) won a bicycle and a pair of sneakers. The official results will be available on the website (athlete results 2019).

For dads who will be competing for the 30th Ten Miles Boy, pay attention! The program will start earlier this year, from 7:10 am, with the Wheelchair category. Then, at 7:15 am, it will be the turn of the Female Elite, while the Male Elite and other categories will start at 7:30. The start takes place on Avenida Dante Michelini x Avenida Luiz Manoel Vellozo, on Camburi beach, in Vitória. See the map of the starting arena.

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