Vila Velha-ES Contest: City Hall confirms notice next month

Vila Velha-ES Contest: City Hall confirms notice next month ×
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The bidding for the Vila Velha-ES contest, a municipality 12km from Vitória, in the Metropolitan Region, is confirmed to be released next month. The document should have an attractive offer of more than 1,600 vacancies in various positions.

It was speculated that the document with all the rules could be released in the last days of September. But, according to the city, the announcement should be for October but without a defined date.

The good news is that only the last adjustments are missing and all official procedures have been completed. The bank and the commission must be resolving final details, such as the selection schedule.

The contract with Ibade, the organizing bank, was signed in the first half of the year. This was the last official step to complete the contract and start the last stages of the preparation of the public notice.

The & nbsp; extract from the contract with the bank & nbsp; was published in the daily newspaper of the Municipality of Vila Velha on September 12th.

“For us at Ibade, it is an honor to work in Vila Velha. We did the last selection process for health sanitary agents and we are returning with this long-awaited wide-ranging contest. We will work with total smoothness and transparency ”, said the president.

Vila Velha-ES contest will have a public notice in October with 1.6 thousand vacancies
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The good news for candidates interested in the Vila Velha-ES City Hall competition was the increase in the number of vacancies. Previously foreseen & nbsp; 1,529 vacancies, now the selection foresees more than 1.6 thousand opportunities in diverse positions of medium, medium / technical and superior levels.

The chances will be for the general staff, including teaching, health, administrative sector and the Social Security Institute.

The Municipal Secretary of Administration, Rafael Gumiero, said that the public notices are being prepared by the administration's own working group in conjunction with the chosen company.

“We are signing this contract as Ibade, with more than 1600 vacancies for health, teaching, administrative staff and BTI. We are guiding the bank to work on aspects such as excellent service and honor merit, with a collaborative vision in the programmatic content of the public tender. Certainly, in a month or a month and a half, the notices will already be published ”, guarantees the secretary.

More than one notice is expected, with the following positions:
Management analyst (Accounting, Administration, Economist, Law and Statistics)
Dental Surgeon specializing in oral and maxillofacial surgery and traumatology
Engineer (civil, electrician, mechanical and environmental)
Instituto de Previdência - Higher Education
Archivology social security analyst

The basic design of the contest has been published and has important details and information. It is confirmed that candidates will be evaluated with objective, & nbsp; discursive, titles and practice tests, which they can eliminate or classify.

The objective stage will be aimed at all positions, while the & nbsp; discursive and practical only for some, and titles for the higher level.

Candidates enrolled in the CadÚnico program and low-income family members; or regular blood donor may request an exemption from the fee

The validity period of the Vila Velha-ES tender will be & nbsp; two years, counted from the approval and may be extended for the same period. The contracting regime must be statutory, which will guarantee stability.

Objective, discursive and practical evidence
Objective, discursive and physical fitness test
Objective, discursive, practical and title evidence
Objective, discursive and title evidence

“It will be a wide-ranging selection. We are going to recompose some of the City's staff and transform temporary assignment positions into positions. Servers will be selected in content and title tests. The objective is to bring efficiency to the services provided to the population ”, said the secretary of the municipality.

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